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Available Services

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

HDD is a method for installing underground pipelines, cables and service conduit without the use of trenches to minimize impact of the site.


Fiber-Optic Cable Installation and Splicing

Fiber-optic cable supplies fiber internet that is faster than standard Wi-Fi. We provide efficient installation and splicing services to fit your needs.

Aerial Telecommunications Construction

Aerial utility construction is a method of installing and servicing fiber-optic cable supported by utility poles.


Telecommunications, Water, Sewer, Gas, and Electric Services

We are able to service and install a variety of underground utilities.

Utility Locating Services (Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR)

Using GPR, we are qualified to supply locating services including identifying and labeling underground utilities in a designated area.

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Hyrdo-Excavation Services

Hydro-Excavation is a process using pressurized water and vacuum system to remove or break up soil. It can be used for excavating undergroung utilities, potholing, trenching, and more. 

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